Dog Bite Attorney in
Prince George’s County, Maryland

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Did you know that there are millions of dog bite occurrences in the United States each year? If you were injured as the result of a dog bite, contact Melvin L. Allen Jr. today to learn more about seeking compensation. Attorney Allen is a qualified dog bite attorney who represents clients in the Riverdale Park, MD area.

Discuss Your Situation with A Capable Dog Bite Attorney

Get in touch with Melvin L. Allen Jr. today if you need to consult a dog bite attorney in Riverdale Park, MD. Attorney Allen will:

Angry Dog Being Held Back by Owner

  • Examine the evidence thoroughly
  • Assess the circumstances
  • Uncover whether the dog had dangerous habits
  • Answer all of your legal questions
  • Review your medical bills
  • Negotiate with your insurance company

Dog bites can lead to serious medical consequences, and a dog attack can be traumatizing. In many cases, dog attacks are covered under the dog owner’s insurance policy. Let a qualified attorney argue for compensation on your behalf. Call Melvin L. Allen Jr. right away to speak with a dog bite attorney.