Find a Slip and Fall Attorney in Riverdale Park, MD

Your Personal Injury Attorney That's Passionate About Slip and Fall Cases

All kinds of things can result in a slip and fall injury. However, legally, they all have one common denominator: your injuries aren't your fault. As a seasoned personal injury attorney in Riverdale Park, MD, Melvin L. Allen Jr. will examine your situation to see if you can sue a property owner or employer for negligence.

Attorney Melvin L. Allen Jr. can help you if you've been injured due to:

  • Slipping on a wet or uneven surface
  • Being forced to work in severe weather conditions
  • Being poorly trained to handle a construction job
  • Wearing improperly designed footwear
  • Being neglected by your nursing home provider
Attorney Melvin will get to the bottom of your situation and explain your options to you. Call 240-898-1819 now to schedule a consultation with a compassionate slip and fall attorney in Riverdale Park, MD.

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3 reasons to hire a slip and fall attorney after your accident

There's a difference between being injured due to your own clumsiness and getting hurt because of someone else's negligence. If you've experienced the latter, you have a right to sue. As your slip and fall attorney, Melvin L. Allen Jr. can:

  • Prove liability, something that's hard to do without proper training
  • Gather evidence, take photos and talk to witnesses to establish credibility
  • Cut through all the red tape surrounding your situation
Don't try to pursue compensation on your own. Get in touch with attorney Melvin L. Allen Jr. today to work with a reputable personal injury attorney.