You Want Him on Your Team

In May of 2015, I hired the services of the James Farmer law firm as a result of a motor vehicle accident that I was involved in with another vehicle in PG County. The other vehicle was clearly at fault, and this fact was also stated in the official police report after a thorough investigation by the MD State Police. However, the defendant refused to accept the responsibility for his wrong doing to the point that he told his insurance company not to pay for the claims filed by the law firm on my behalf. So after a year of unsuccessful arbitration and adjudication between his insurance company and Farmer law firm, the case went to trial in a civil court. It was at this point that Mr. Melvin L. Allen Jr, ESQ, was assigned to my case as my trial lawyer. Mr. Allen was well familiar with my case, he was well conversant with the laws surrounding my case, he prepared me for the trial, and moreover, he was well prepared for the trial as well. Mr. Allen presented a strong, clear, factual, accurate and convincing deposition to the judge. He thoroughly cross examined the defendant that the truth eventually came out. And the judge ruled in our favor and we won the case. Mr. Allen is well articulate with great public speaking skills. He’s thorough, thoughtful, analytical, poised and smart. He’s resolute, has strong logical thinking ability and interpersonal skills. You definitely want him on your legal team.


Ready for Any Type of Case

You don't have to search anymore, top flight lawyer right here. I have hired Melvin a few times for all types of legal problems, and he is a outstanding lawyer. I gotta say when it comes down to the legal system, he has a lot of knowledge. He's ready for any type of case.


Excellent Counsel

Mr. Allen is an excellent counsel. He is efficient and does the necessary research needed to win the case he is fighting for. Within the case where he represented me, we were in front of the judge in all of about 2 minutes tops. He is exceptionally friendly and willing to work with anybody.


Client for Life

He worked my case vigorously and professionally. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Without his representation I would more than likely still be sitting behind bars based on my lack of knowledge of the judicial system. He is the best lawyer I ever had personally. I am a client for life!!!!


Used Him for All My Cases

I have used Mr. Allen for all my cases from criminal to auto. In my criminal cases, he got all four charges dismissed, and I was able to get them expunged with a criminal record. As far as my auto case, I came out with big money.


Dedicated and Attentive

I am only able to write this review because of the choice I made to have Mr. Allen represent me. I was charged with a number of very serious charges and I was obviously very skeptical about who was going to serve as my counsel. Mr. Allen gained my confidence only seconds into our initial phone consult. I immediately hired him as my attorney. Mr. Allen has the the uncanny ability to make you feel like you are his one and only client. His dedication to his clients, attention to detail and overall legal knowledge are just a few of the characteristics that set him apart from the crowd. Mr. Allen is highly respected among his colleagues and peers. He has had a chance to work on both sides of the of law both prosecuting and now defending clients which gives him added credibility and experience. When you are in front of a judge and jury, your guilt or innocence is ultimately going to decided based almost solely on your attorney's ability to effectively present the facts. His poise, ability to read a room, and organizational skills are superb. I trusted Mr. Allen with my life and I am here to tell my story because of that choice.